Zimbabwe War Vets Praise Army For \'bloodless Correction ...

JOHANNESBURG –  The Zimbabwe army's takeover of the state broadcaster and action against some members of President Robert Mugabe's government has been praised as a "bloodless correction" by the country's war veterans' association.

Chris Mutsvangwa, chairman of the war veterans' group, told The Associated Press in Johannesburg that Army General Constantino Chiwenga has carried out "a bloodless correction of gross abuse of power." Mutsvangwa said the army will return Zimbabwe to "genuine democracy" and make the country a "modern model nation."

In a statement on national broadcasting, the army said President Robert Mugabe and his wife are safe but that action will be taken against "criminals" surrounding them.

Mutsvangwa and the war veterans are staunch allies of Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was fired from his post of vice president by Mugabe last week.


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