Former Death Squad Hit Man Reveals What It’s REALLY Like To Kill Someone

There have been plenty of misanthropic male geniuses on TV, from “House” to “Sherlock,” who can’t help but deliver their astute conclusions with a dash of cruelty and condescension. Monk, however, is unwaveringly gentle, awkward and kind. Sure, he occasionally offends a stranger or aggravates the hell out of his colleagues, but Monk’s social gaffes come from a place of anxiety rather than malice, insecurity not ego. Even when wrestling a gun from a murderer’s grip, Monk is mild and soft. His courageous undertakings are all the more remarkable because of how openly terrified at the prospect of them he is. He’s not just scared of the gun, but the gun wielder’s sweaty hands, mis-buttoned shirt and smacking gum.